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Commie Pinko Fag

The Red Scare, The Pink Scare and the Homosexual Agenda

The Cold Song  |  Klaus Nomi

[Live Performance, 1982 Munich, Germany]

In 1982, Klaus Nomi, emaciated and fragile, walked slowly up a flight of stairs and took center stage in front of thousands at Eberhard Schoener’s Classic Rock Night in Munich, Germany, where he gave his last, and arguably most brilliant, performance.  To Nomi’s left, a large orchestra played swift staccato notes as he sung the aria of the “Cold Genius” from Henry Purcell’s 1691 opera, “King Arthur”.  The audience sat in stunned silence as Nomi, clad in full Baroque attire, performed an entirely new interpretation of Purcell’s classic aria.  After he finished, the audience erupted in applause [Klaus Nomi: “The Cold Song Live.”]. more>