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Commie Pinko Fag

The Red Scare, The Pink Scare and the Homosexual Agenda


‘Commie Pinko Fag’ has long been derisive slang for politically leftist individuals (seen as socialist, communist sympathizers), suggesting an effete and effeminate nature. The term grew out of the post-Communist Revolution fears in the 20s, the McCarthy-era Red Scare, and Lavender/Pink Scare of the 40s and 50s.

Irrational fears exist still and play out within the global political and cultural landscape in a fight against equality for gay, lesbian, transgender and queer peoples.

Through Commie Pinko Fag, an on-going art project, my goal is to examine current and historical cultural perceptions and persecution of queers. I will document my art, inspirations and source materials on this site.

Visit for artwork and more.